Our Services

Job Analysis/Compensation Review

People First will conduct an internal audit to ensure your job descriptions accurately reflect the work being performed and ensure pay is comparable with others in the industry.  


Mediation is an informal process used by many organizations to resolve employee issues before they result in costly grievances, arbitration, or court hearings.  Let People First help resolve your employee conflicts with a certified Rule 31 Mediator.

Performance Management

People First can help organizations increase and promote sustained performance improvement through effective employee evaluations.

Recruitment and Selection

Ensuring you have the right people in the right place is crucial to your organization's success. People First will evaluate your recruitment and selection process to ensure you are using the most cost effective approach for filling your positions so that you not only get the right people but retain them.   

Training and Career Development

Training and Career Development is an effective way to retain employees. Employees want to learn and grow with the company. We can develop comprehensive training plans that fit your needs.    

Workforce Planning

Workforce planning is a process that looks at where your current workforce is, in terms of people, processes, and policies. People First uses a strategic approach to help organizations address the gaps in their existing workforce with the needs of the future.  

People First knows the importance of listening closely to the customer. Only then can solutions be found that will result in bold and brazen transformation.